Back to basics

Well, hello there! 

It has been a very long time since I’ve written anything here, especially due to the fact that my university graduation is getting closer by the minute, and while that is both exciting and terrifying, it doesn’t leave much time for other stuff. Particularly when it comes to plushie making which is very time consuming.

However! I did find some time to think about what my next step in this plushie self learning should be and I decided to go back to basics. So, the past holidays I made a very simple pattern and started making these:


Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la última vez que escribí algo aquí. La razón principal es que mi graduación de la universidad se acerca rápida e inminente y eso no deja mucho tiempo para otras cosas, especialmente para hacer peluches (lo cual consume una cantidad impresionante de tiempo).

¡Sin embargo! Tuve tiempo para pensar cual debería ser el siguiente paso en mi viaje autodidacta hacia aprender a hacer peluches y decidí empezar por lo básico. Entonces, durante las vacaciones diseñé un patrón muy sencillo e hice estos:



They were very fun to make and they also (I hope) made many people happy. You can check out more photos at my deviantart profile! 

Fueron bastante divertidos de hacer y también, espero, hicieron felices a muchas personas. Pueden ver más fotos en mi perfil de deviantart. \(^-^)/



Hello there~ it’s been a while since I posted but today I had some free time between classes so I finished a drawing I had been wanting to do for some time now.

In the building where I live there’s an apartment in the first floor with 2 cats, they look like the exact same cat but one of them is white and the other black. Every time I walk out in the morning either both of them or just one is standing by the window looking at people and dogs passing by. I’ve always thought they were really funny so I decided to try and draw them.

*again, sorry for the bad picture (mobile upload again) and yeah, I know they look like otters… Meh!

20120223-095723 a.m..jpg