Some old stuff I wrote

That’s right, while I was browsing around my documents trying to find old stuff I could erase I came across some old things I wrote some time ago. I decided to leave this post in english since they were written in english too, hope someone likes them. I think I posted the last one at some point but I can’t remember right now (haha) anyways, here it goes…


Memories faded inside dreams come around constantly just to submerge once again inside our minds. A vision, a scent, a long lost sensation trifle with our minds urging us to go back, back to those times, back to those feelings, back to that laughter, a time when nothing – we thought – could go wrong. It is just up until now that we are able to embrace them, to let in those memories once again not tainted with black ink… just written with it. 


And that’s how tomorrow becomes yesterday and daily becomes a homesick yearning for the past, the scenery starts repainting itself and the voices start to fade, some part ways and some don’t as the only things that remain are vivid memories and inner jokes buried in the back of our heads, let us bring all good things with us and let us not part too soon. 


The classroom is busy as always, it is still morning and light is bursting through the window, the voices of students entering and the sounds of chairs moving fill the air. She enters the classroom and sits by the window. A blue sky frames the day, she catches herself looking at the sky again and is surprised once more to discover she is able to do so, some time ago she wouldn’t have been capable of doing it. 

But then a cloud moves and covers the sun slowly, “that” comes again, sliding through the room, sitting down in the empty seat behind her. She can feel the cold down her back and her nervousness arising. 

“Oh poor you, did I surprise you?”

“Not really, I guess I was expecting you.” 

“Is that right?”

A small silence falls between them, as the surrounding sounds get louder. 

“Inversions are used…” the teacher’s voices comes in waves, fading completely at times and she still feels its presence. 

“You know? I’ve been thinking about it”

“What?” She asked.

“You’ve been kind of quiet lately, or… more like still perhaps.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, can’t you see them?”

She turns around and is able to see them. Each and every one of them is there, center stage and dancing to that beat. That song which everyone hears but nobody listens to is playing in the back. It is then that she realizes she isn’t in the stage anymore; she is almost sitting in the front row of seats, turned into a mere bystander, just watching. She didn’t realize when it happened and she can see everyone she knows up there, almost unreachable and the spot where she used to stand is an empty space which is now getting smaller by the minute. 

“Do you see now?”

She answers with a long silence. 

“How would anyone notice you’re there if you’re actually here?”

Suddenly, she feels pushed to run up the stairs to the stage but once she does that, she finds a thick glass stopping her. 

“Is it too late?”

“Looks like it…” 

“Why didn’t you notice before?”

Again, silence answers for her. She doesn’t know why she didn’t notice, she is still fighting to understand the whole situation; how did it happen? A cold breeze startles her, it is raining outside but the sky is still bright blue, she is looking up again and then she remembers that time when she couldn’t. If she can look up, everything will be alright


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